We're a team of former high school athletes.

These experiences have created life long bonds and connections. We are here to help you grow closer through sports.

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The LSN Way


Keep an organization-first orientation

We work hard everyday

At LSN, we approach the world as members of one team working towards accomplishing a shared goal. We come to work everyday with a laser-like focus on working well with our teammates as we attempt to better serve customers.


Preserve institutional knowledge

We work hard everyday

LSN is looking to grow its organizational footprint exponentially; therefore, we need to create processes that can be repeated & scaled. As a result, our ability to easily capture then transfer experiences, expertise, & information from one team member to another is critical.


Follow our systems

We work hard everyday

When each of us makes a conscious choice to buy into our company-wide approach to work, it is beneficial to everyone. It will unlock growth opportunities for the company -- which will lead to growth opportunities for employees.


Own the tasks assigned to you

We work hard everyday

Understand what is expected of you. If it seems ambiguous, it is on you to seek clarity around what you are responsible for. Take pride in your work while operating with urgency -- treat every deliverable you present internally as if it will make or break the company.


Obsess about customer needs

We work hard everyday

At LSN, we consider every position to be a customer-facing position. When making decisions, always ask yourself: what information do I have about our customers that will validate or invalidate this decision?


Create efficiencies whenever possible

We work hard everyday

Simplify work as much as possible. Everyone needs to take the shortest path possible to accomplishing a goal. Automating the most menial aspects of work allows everyone to spend more time on higher-level tasks.


Move beyond emotions when making decisions

We work hard everyday

The ultimate goal is organizational success. That is the reason we came together as a team; any feedback is grounded in that. As such, the organization needs you to take action on the feedback for us to be successful.


Reflect on your behavior regularly

We work hard everyday

Each of us must have honest conversations with ourselves & identify our individual areas of growth. Without question, we all have areas to grow. The more we grow as individuals, the more we grow as a team.


Own your mistakes explicitly

We work hard everyday

We cannot improve as a team if we do not have honest conversations with ourselves & others when we fail to meet expectations. Admitting where things went off course & developing a plan of attack is a sign of personal and organizational strength.


Assume the best intentions of teammates

We work hard everyday

Feedback comes from a good place. If anyone has questions and concerns, we must seek clarity around how these changes are important to the organization's long-term health & why these changes need to happen in order for you to do your job better.

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Rooted in East Texas. Worldwide reach.

Local Sports Network was born out of an idea held by two childhood friends who grew up playing sports in small towns on the Texas-Louisiana border.

Currently we have team members located in:

We also have an international presence in:

We work well with other technology companies.

Local Sports Network integrates features from other applications to ensure that we provide a first-class experience for users.